Five Oaks Assets

Welcome to our farm!

At Five Oaks ASSets we raise and breed Registered Miniature Donkeys and Myotonic (fainting) Goats as show and breeding stock and/or pets. All of our donkeys are given daily attention by everyone in our family, and they are on a routine schedule of wormer, vaccinations, and hoof care. Although we have not been breeding donkeys or goats for very long, we have been fortunate enough to acquire some very good breeding stock.

Our miniature donkey love affair started a few years back after we bought a farm and my wife insisted we get a horse. Being from the suburbs and not really being around too many horses in my life, I was quite hesitant. I felt like I needed to start small so I started looking into goats and miniature horses and donkeys. Living in a farming community I didn't want to have same critters that everyone else had.

The more I looked into miniature horses and donkeys I just knew donkeys were the right match for us. After visiting a few breeder websites we, as a family, decided to just "go look" at a few that we thought would suite us. We had read, and the breeder informed us again, that "donkeys are herd animals and enjoy the company of other equine especially other donkeys, so if we were going to add a donkey to our farm we needed to buy 2." After visiting the donkeys for some time we went to lunch to discuss things. What started off as a "let's just go and see them," turned into us coming home (or at least shortly thereafter) with our first 6 donkeys! The rest, as they say is history..........

Donkeys are such wonderful little animals. The stereotype does not fit. They are not dumb or stubborn. They are very smart and cautious. The miniature donkey's best quality is their personality. They are like big dogs in that they crave attention and just want to be petted by someone. People always ask me "Why donkeys? What can you do with a donkey?" My answer is usually the same, "Why not donkeys!" But seriously, donkeys are a great all-around pet. Donkeys can be used for countless reasons such as; 4-H projects, showing, pulling carts, hiking, packing, companion animals, entertainment, enjoyment/stress relief, and best of all just pets.

In addition to us having a few donkeys (a few dozen, Ha Ha!), we also love our goats. Soon after purchasing our farm I started looking into Myotonic Goats and soon realized how difficult it was to find these great goats. They have been considered "threatened" as a species even though more and more people are starting to breed them. Let me just tell you, there is nothing like going about your business at the barn and look up to see one or the whole herd of goats stiffen up and fall over for any reason. Maybe one of them got scared running out of the barn stall or maybe one of the donkeys or horses decided the goats needed rounded up. Myotonic Goats are a little friendlier, are easier to contain, and seem to be a little hardier than some of the other goat breeds. The larger Myotonics are considered a meat goat but mostly we have them for the pure enjoyment of having goats and to watch them "faint."

Both Miniature Donkeys and Myotonic Goats are herd animals. If they don't have other animals to interact with they won't be happy. We truly care about our animals' health and want them to be happy. Donkeys and/or Goats purchased need to be going to a home with other equine and/or goats respectively, or more than 1 need to be purchased. A discount may be given for multiple animals purchased.

Five Oaks ASSets is located in the rolling hills of Southeastern Ohio. We are just off Interstate 70 between Pittsburgh, PA (80 miles) and Columbus, OH (105 miles).

We try to keep our website as up to date as possible. If you see something on our website that interests you please feel free to contact us.

Jason and Gina Horan
Bethesda, OH 43719

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